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3D printer parts TEVO Black Widow BL Touch Sensor

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3D printer parts  TEVO Black Widow BLTouch  Auto Bed Leveling Sensor / To be a Premium 3D Printer

Product name: BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling Sensor
Wiring :
3Pin :  Brown(- , GND)     Red(+5V)     Orange(control signal)
2Pin :  Black(-, GND)       White(Zmin)

Specification :
 Voltage : 5V
 Current : 15mA
 Maximum(Peak) Current : 300mA
 Case Material :  Polycarbonat(PC)               
 Case Color : Semitransparent White   
 Cable Length : 150mm                                   
 Weight : 0.35 oz ( 10g )
 PCB & Soldering : RoHS, Lead Free (Pb Free)

Packing list:

BLTouch Auto Bed Leveling sensor*1